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Options Galore!

The Kangaroo Jumper is the safest inflatable jumper on the market. We provide affordable, customizable and even trenchless installation options for your resort, caravan park, playground and school, allowing you to maximize your return on your investment and improve your customer satisfaction. We love our product so much that we back it with an extended three-year warranty and are confident that this unique attraction will keep customers and their kids coming back to your business time and time again. The Kangaroo Jumper comes with a range of options, so we can tailor your jumper exactly to your needs. Size Options Installation Options Indoor Option Sandless Surround Colour Options and more!

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DIY Installation

We encourage you to consider installing your own Kangaroo Jumper cushion. If you’re a bit handy and want to save yourself some money we can provide free phone and Skype support to you during your own DIY installation. We will provide you with a full installation guide with step by step instructions and heaps of photos to assist you through the relatively easy, but exacting process of installing your own Kangaroo Jumper or replacing your existing Jumping Pillow jumping cushion. Click here to find out more

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Sandless soft edge

This is one reason why we everyone so excited about the new 'Australian Made' Kangaroo Jumper. Our SAND-LESS soft edge uses a specialised carpeted foam to cover the hard edge. This eliminates the need to constantly top up your sand area as well as virtually eliminating abrasion of the jumper canvas. Sand carried onto the surface by patrons feet causes abrasion to the canvas surface therefore reducing the life of the canvas. Keep your jumper looking clean and lasting longer with this exclusive innovation. It’s a win, win and it’s very exciting for our industry.

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MADE IN AUSTRALIA. FOR AUSTRALIA The Kangaroo Jumper is not your average jumping style-cushion! Australian made, this high quality inflatable trampoline is made with material that has a high resistance to UV rays, giving it a better quality finish and longer life. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer an extended 3-year warranty, helping your caravan park, playground or outdoor business receive a massive return on investment.

THEY'LL INCREASE YOUR INCOME In our experience, when considering your investment in an inflatable trampoline, quality material and design are the key, The Kangaroo Jumper is NOT a short-term investments in the harsh Australian sun. The Kangaroo Jumper is the safe and economical choice for your recreation centre, playground and caravan park, as it is a high quality product, guaranteed to last. Constructed with the highest quality UV resistant material and backed by a 3-year warranty, the Kangaroo Jumper lasts for years in A1 condition giving your business a massive return on investment.

THEY LOOK AWESOME! Once a car load of kids pulls up at your business with a Kangaroo Jumper mum and dad will not be game to turn around and leave. Kids are drawn to the Kangaroo Jumper like flies to a BBQ. One park owner said “Quite often there are more kids on the jumper than in the pool which is right next to it” All year round use. Pools are great but on cold or windy days they will be deserted. From the bottom of Tassie to the tip of the Cape, unless it is raining kids can jump on your Kangaroo Jumper all year round.

THEY'RE TOP QUALITY Our Jumpers use the only material specifically designed for inflatable trampolines, this material is exclusive to The Kangaroo Jumper in Australia. It outlasts all others in laboratory fade testing simply due to the amount of UV stabilizer in the ULTIMATE material. When you buy a jumper or inflatable trampoline the most important question you should ask is ‘How long will your product last?’ . This relates directly to your return on the investment. The answer to this question is dependent on two main factors – UV resistance and abrasion. Kangaroo Jumper uses our exclusive ULTIMATE material, which is leading the industry in jumper material quality and UV resistance.

THEY'RE SAFE! The Kangaroo Jumper is leading the industry in safety, with two state of the art safety measures sure to keep your customers safe, jumping and begging to come back for more. Our Anti-Slip Surface provides business owners the opportunity to ensure the safety of their clients, as it gives the cushion a more stable surface and limits the chance of injury while our optional carpet foam surround provides a low maintenance safe landing area.